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Melbourne (AUS) 2008 - 50 Km.
2008 Australian 50km Walk Champs: 14.12.2008
Held at Fawkner Park, Melbourne. Includes 20km and 10km events. Chris Erickson, Duane Cousins, Andy Jamieson, Jared Tallent, Claire Tallent, Gillian Hosking, Lyn Ventris, Adam Rutter, Dane Bird-Smith.
(Video made by David Armstrong and published by athsvicTV on YouTube)
youtube_Vk__oeyJmnM.jpg youtube_0wXu-SK2Ql4.jpg youtube_-1yJu57E_T8.jpg youtube_dOuYAc1-7Lk.jpg youtube_-ia33Sige3U.jpg
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