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Paieškos rezultatai - "haywood_ross"
Melbourne 1966 - 10 Km. track2164 peržiūrosThe start of the 1966 Victorian 10,000m championship at the Melbourne University track. From left to right: Jim Henderson, Alan Viney, Ross Haywood, Jim Gleeson, John Sheard, Bruce Thorne, Dave Grenfell, Robin Broberg, Robin Wood, Alan Lucas, Graeme Russell, Graeme Nicholls, Tom Daintry, Harry Summers, Bob Gardiner, Varel Newmark, John Busst. On that occasion, Varel finished 4th in a time of 49:38.
(Photo kindly taken from the Heel and Toe newsletter 3/2010 by Tim Erickson - Australia)
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