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Sesto San Giovanni 1961 - 30 Km.2799 peržiūrosDonald Thompson (GBR - 1 - 2° in 2:38:02) osserva Pino Dordoni (22 - DNF) che si spugna, mentre dietro a lui si intravede la sagoma di Abdon Pamich (21 - 1° in 2:36:55).
(Photo by "Una città in Marcia" book - Sesto San Giovanni)

Londra - Brighton (anni 1955-1960)2758 peržiūrosIt is one event in particular with which we associate Don – the London to Brighton classic. He was quite simply “Mr Brighton”, his record of having been placed in each of his 13 outings being unrivalled. Nine times he won and only he himself came within two and a half minutes of his quite superb course best of 7:35:12 – that's 7 miles per hour all the way for 53 miles!
(Photo by Tim Erickson Racewalking web-site - Australia)
Roma 1960 - 50 Km. 1480 peržiūrosDon's Olympic triumph in Rome (1° in 4:25:30.0 OR) - wearing sunglasses and a French legionnaire's hat, Thompson was nicknamed "Il Topolino" - "Little Mouse" - by Italian fans
(Photo by Tim Erickson Racewalking web-site - Australia)
Bollate (Italy) 1960 - 100 Km. walk1606 peržiūrosDon Thompson impegnato nella 100 Km. che vincerà con il tempo di 8:19:27 distanziando di 25' il secondo Abon Pamich
Londra - Brighton 19601692 peržiūrosIn vincitore dell'oro olimpico nella 50 Km. di Roma 1960, Don Thompson, qui in azione nella Londra-Brighton dello stesso anno
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